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Commercial Storm Damage Repair in Fort Worth

Commercial Roof Restorations & Repairs in Dallas / Fort Worth

Storm damage can come suddenly and cause serious damage to your roof. For commercial, institutional, and industrial spaces, if your roof is not fixed quickly, further damage can occur to the interior of your space, including mold, damaged equipment, and effects of exposure to the elements.

Whether the damage comes via hail, wind, or debris, Bronco Roofing & Construction can provide quality roof repair solutions to get your business back to normal. With 25+ years of roofing experience, we specialize in commercial roof repairs and reconstruction.

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How Quickly Should You Get Your Roof Repaired After Storm Damage?

The short answer to this question is that you should get it fixed right away. The longer your roof remains damaged, the likelihood increases that your building will experience internal damage and that structural damage may occur. In extreme situations, we have even seen roofs collapse if not restored quickly enough.

Avoid unnecessary damage from mold, leaks, and other issues by calling in a roof repair specialist immediately. We place a high focus on customer service and always get the job done right, using only the best roofing materials available.


What Are the Best Types of Roof Materials to Prevent Storm Damage?

  • Metal Roofing: This type of roof is not only durable, but it is extremely affordable while also being protective against extreme wind and other weather conditions. It can also contribute to lower energy costs for your commercial space, as it is more energy efficient than most roofs.
  • Composite Shingles: One of the most commonly used roofing materials for both commercial and residential spaces, composite shingles are extremely durable in the face of high winds. Talk with a professional roofer before you choose your shingles if you live in an area with higher winds, as there are special shingles to withstand these conditions.
  • Clay Tile Roofing: They are made of heavy and resilient materials, making them a great option to protect against heavy winds, rain, snow, and ice. These tiles are also made of not combustible material, which is beneficial in case of fires.
  • Slate Roofing: They are similar to clay tiles, but are made of stone. Due to their weighty structure, they are excellent in the face of wind and are also not combustible. Additionally, since they are slick, snow and ice cannot cling to these tiles.

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