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When it comes to siding replacement, choosing the right profile is very important. The profiles of your siding boards have a significant impact on the overall curb appeal of your home. When preparing for your siding replacement, your journey starts from choosing the perfect shade and color that you fell in love with. The next step is deciding which profile is best suited to your home style once you have your color. On this page, we’ll walk you through tips that can help you chose the right siding profile. 

  1. Profile’s Size

The size of your chosen siding material plays a vital role in your home ding profile. A stately house, such as colonial, will benefit from a wider panel, as it will improve the home’s ample facade. If you have a bungalow or ranch-style house, choose a narrower siding profile that will add a pronounce shadow to remove the effect of height. 

  1. Horizontal or Vertical

Your home’s architecture will influence the type of profile you select. Horizontal siding fits well in traditional-style homes; this siding profile lends well to an artisan as well as Cape Cod styles. The distinctive look of beaded siding, with its unique shadow lines, is suited for the starter of a Colonial house. Vertical siding meanwhile, can grab attention when used for one-story homes like ranch styles house with an illusion of height.  

  1. Octagonal vs. Hexagonal

You can choose between the octagonal and hexagonal siding profile if you’re fond of geometric designs. These siding profiles are non-traditional patterns that can make your home stand out in your neighborhood. When done right, these profiles can give your home a modern look, a unique and visually pleasing facade.  

  1. Shake Patterns

When selecting your siding materials, consider mixing textures to give your home an exciting look. Shake patterns are more popular among homeowners who prefer the organic look of wood. These patterns allow you to mix textures like wood clapboard, staggered shakes, cedar shakes, and polymeric shakes when selecting materials for the exterior of your home. Shake Patterns will not only add visual interest to your house but also provide added design dimensions.

  1. Reflect Your Style

Your home’s exterior is an important project. It can be overwhelming when chosen the right siding profile. Keep in mind that the professionals are there to help you, but remember your home is a reflection of your lifestyle, so don’t feel pressured to stay inside the confines of what you think is acceptable. Chose a perfect siding profile that gives your home a classic look from the rest in your neighborhood while still being appealing.

Let’s Start Your Project! 

At KV construction Siding Contractors, we can help you pick the right siding profile for your home. We strive to ensure that you get quality materials and siding installers at the best prices possible. We install high-quality siding in Seattle, Washington, and the surrounding area. Call us today at (425) 879-4398 to learn more about our siding services.


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