Roofing Companies Chicago

Roofing Companies Chicago

Roofs, like everything else, diminish over time. Regular exposure to harsh weather such as rains, wind, and storms are exemplary contributors. This is why roofing companies in Chicago and the Chicago area roofing companies advise clients to perform regular maintenance and roof repair.

We offer simple roof repair services to address issues related to your slate, shingle, cedar, tile, and flat rooftops. In addition, our Chicago roofers will inspect the wood decking below your shingles to be sure that water has not caused any damage to it. Water damages on the decking lead to structural problems.

We replace rotting areas with new quality material to give your roof longevity. Our Chicago roofing repair services have a proven record of accomplishment for exceptional customer care and quality craftsmanship. Trust us for trustworthy repair services that maximize the value of your roof as we adhere to stringent industry standards.

Types of roof repairs that we handle include:

Roof leaks

Extreme weather conditions such as snow, rain, and strong winds batter your roof, leading to moisture trapping beneath the layers. If not repaired in good time, the leaks eventually lead to significant damages. Apart from cracked flashing and broken shingles, roof leaks tend to occur around gutters, near the chimney, close to vents, and around gutters. Our roof repair service will handle these concerns, and our maintenance team will constantly check-up to ensure proper roof maintenance.

Damaged flashing

Flashing protects certain parts that moisture tends to destroy. It shields areas such as chimneys, vent pipes, and air-conditioning systems. Unfortunately, if not correctly installed, the flashing curls up, allowing water in. We do refurbishment of your flashing to correct the shoddy works on them.

Damaged shingles

Failure to nail shingles properly along the edges or to assemble them carefully will lead to damage. Shingles on a roof expand during warm weather leading to splitting. When the shingles continually bump into each other, the chances of warping the roof increases. We do replacements for missing or broken shingles.

Rotten soffit or fascia board

Fascia board, gutters, and soffit ensure the proper flow of water out of your property. Lack of proper maintenance on them can cause a great deal of damage during bad weather.

For instance, a fascia board may detach from the house due to ice, water, or other buildups. When they rot, it will lead to a hole on your roof that allows squirrels and bids to enter, causing more damage.

Our roof repair products last longer and ensure a smooth flow of water. Contact us for more information and repairs of soffit, gutters, and fascia.


Roofs exposed to extreme weather conditions may develop shrinkage. Rapid heating and cooling cause them to shrink quickly.

Clogged gutters

Homes with high-rise trees are most likely to face this challenge—leaves falling from the tree cause clogging over time. Therefore, we help our clients to inspect and maintain the roofs regularly to overcome shrinkage.

We install screens on the gutter openings that eliminate leaves and twigs from entering into the gutter system.

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Roofing Companies Chicago