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Commercial Roofing That Can Help You Save Money

Are you interested in reducing your commercial building’s energy costs? If so, you may want to consider a reflective roof! Bronco Roofing & Construction has experience with the installation of reflective roofs across Texas. Our Fort Worth roofers will be happy to help you determine if you can cut energy consumption in your commercial building through the use of a reflective roof.

Reflective Roofs Options & Installation

A reflective roof is a roof that uses highly reflective materials to dissipate the sun’s heat off of the roof. The beauty of a reflective roof is that it reduces the amount of heat entering your building and therefore reduces the amount of energy you use to cool your building. Reflective roofs are created to reduce overall building energy consumption and to lower the impact your commercial building has on the environment. If you are unsure which type of reflective roof to choose, we can help. We can determine what options are available in your area, and assess your building to see which type of reflective roofing product would work best.

Reflective roofing can be created through:

Solar reflective shingles

This option is capable of keeping your building’s interior cooler, which can save money used on running HVAC equipment. These shingles have a longer durability than traditional shingle roofing, can reflect harmful UV rays, and come in a variety of style and color options.

Metal roofing

A highly reflective surface, metal roofing keeps your building cooler by deflecting UV rays. It is low-maintenance, durable, and can withstand extreme weather.

The addition of reflective roof coatings

If you want to keep your pre-existing roof, but wish to increase your building’s energy efficiency, we may be able to convert your roof with a reflective coating.

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Reflective Coatings Application

Decades of Experience in Fort Worth Renewable Energy

Commercial reflective roof coatings work to protect your roof from the sun’s heat and UV radiation which safeguards your roof against the harmful damages caused by the sun’s rays and can also lead to lowered energy costs. Reflective roof coatings are a wonderful solution for commercial buildings and do not require a new roof to be installed. Our Fort Worth renewable energy team has years of experience with these reflective coatings and can apply them with skill. Depending on the type of roofing system you currently have in place, your roof may qualify for a reflective roof coating. If you are interested in the installation of commercial reflective coatings in Texas, Bronco Renewable Energy Solutions specializes in cool roofs and finding you renewable energy solutions for your business.

Reflective roof coatings are chosen for commercial application because they:

Protect the roof from deterioration

A roof coating will take your existing roof and increase its lifespan. This is because it protects your roof from the deterioration caused by the sun’s heat and UV radiation.

Protect against heat absorption

Perhaps the primary reason reflective coatings are chosen is because they cut down on heat absorption. By cooling the surface of your building, your interior will not build up the same amount of heat during the summer leading to lowered energy usage.

Prevent thermal shock

Thermal shock occurs from heating/cooling cycles. Because of the reflectivity of roof coatings, they keep your roof from suffering from thermal shock which leads to a longer roof lifespan.

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If you are interested in creating a “cool roof” on your commercial building through roof coatings, talk to our energy specialists. There are a wide variety of roof coating options available including white roof coatings, aluminum roof coatings, and pigmented roof coatings.

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