Metal Roofing For Steeples

Metal Roofing For Steeples

Steeples for churches are a big deal because a brand new steeple can give any church a unique look. These towers are what signify people about the existence of a church around when sighted from afar. If you’re looking to change or modify your church existing steeple, you should take your search process seriously.

Among various roofing options for your steeple, metal roofing seems to be an ideal option. Metal roofing was used as a commercial roofing solution. However, metal roofing is presently embraced for residential use and even for church steeples. Its significant benefits have proven to enhance the performance and functionality of any building, be it commercial or residential. 

Hence, it has become the top choice for almost everyone as its quality and advantages also come at affordable prices. Therefore, if you are opting to for a new steeple, consider these benefits of using metal roofing for steeples as an ideal option.  

Long Life Expectancy

One most crucial feature everyone looks out for in their roofing system is long life expectancy. No one would ever wish to spend a massive amount of money on a roofing material that won’t last long before it wears off. Investing in steeples cost a lot if not one of the costliest things, and choosing the right material roofing material for your steeples is never an easy decision.

Metal roofing for steeples makes the decision immensely easier. They worth investing in as their life expectancy goes beyond more than 50 years with the right care and regular maintenance. And this implies that you may never need to worry about changing your steeple for many decades.

Simple and Quick Installation

Metal roofs come in different shapes and styles but mostly in larger parts in the form of panel or shingles with broader width. And this means that you will get fewer roofing parts, allowing your roofing contractor to install them more quickly, unlike many other roofing materials.

Also, due to its fewer parts, only a few labours will be needed for the job, which will eventually lead to a reduced cost of the entire installation process.


Besides its ability to last long, metal is known as a material with high resistivity and a good match for harsh weather conditions. Backed by third-party testing, metal roofing offer fire and wind resistance, and also never allow air and water leakage. Metal roofing is also verified to withstand up to 140mph of turbulent winds.

It’s extremely lightweight

In comparison to other varieties of roofing materials like tile and so on, metal roofing is a lightweight material. Often, metal roofing runs within 100 and 150 pounds per square, unlike concrete tile that runs from 750 to 1000 pounds per square. One interesting thing is that due to metal roofing lightweight, they can be directly applied on top other roofing material without any tear or additional structural support. 

All these benefits are what makes metal roofing for steeples and other building application an ideal option. A. M. Burney Exterior, Inc. offers specialty roofing installation services for religious and other facilities. Our decades of technical expertise and industry knowledge are always combined to provide a comprehensive consultation before embarking on any project.    

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Metal Roofing For Steeples

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