Hurricane Ida Roof

Hurricane Ida Roof

The roof has sentimental value because it appeals to the home’s content. Most people are looking to maintain the home’s curb appeal and, of course, keep a roof over their head, even when anticipating storm damage. It is essential to know whether you need a hurricane damage repair or replacement and the options at hand to have the best service for your money’s worth.

Deciding between a storm damage repair and replacement service

The roof’s age

What is the age of the roof? The roof’s age is an excellent indication of when to get a new one. Roofs older than three decades need replacement because you could end up with a series of repair projects that will never be worth the investment.


A leaky roof is a common reason you will need reroofing or hurricane storm repairs. So which one do you need? A certified roofer will tell you a roof with too many or frequent leaks needs replacement, while minimal leaks will work all right with a few simple repairs. It is always better to start the repair process as soon as you notice a leak before the minor issue turns into a significant problem like a giant hole or a pathway for rotting, mould and structural damage.

Extent of damage

Extensive roof damage will be apparent to the naked eye of the roofer and homeowner. We can help you understand the extent of the roof damage to decide on the details of the reroofing. Check out for the following symptoms:

Old roofing will be old and worn out, with moss, algae and other growths contaminating the structures or areas around the home.

  • Rusted shingles or metals
  • Dents
  • Cracked or broken components
  • Missing granules or spots
  • Cupped edges

The property’s geography

Do you live in an area susceptible to weather issues like storms and hails? The unfortunate truth is that your roof is more likely to age faster than a home in a calmer area. A typical roof will need repair and replacement on a more regular basis, while hurricane-proof roofing will need regular maintenance to maintain its performance and aesthetics.

No tangible reason

Sometimes, you do not need a reason to replace the roof. Feel free to contact us if you need peace of mind before an impending hurricane or to improve energy efficiency before major seasons like winter and summer. Keep reading to learn more about the best reroofing materials to protect against threats like the former hurricane, Ida.

Types of roof replacement

  • Metal roofs are attractive and one of the safest options against severe weather issues.
  • Concrete and clay tiles are reasonably priced and arguably the best looking among other options in the market.
  • Slate roofing tiles are more environmentally friendly and have plenty of longevity than other types.
  • Asphalt shingle is a standard and less pricey option and will work great in regions with minor to mild hurricanes.

Waiting for a hurricane is compelling to contract a roofer for inspection and probable repair and replacements. Contact Cajun to discuss more on hail storm cleanup, hurricane home damage repair, and an estimate on your roofing replacement options.

Hurricane Ida Roof

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Hurricane Ida Roof

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