Energy Efficient Upgrades

Energy Efficient Roofing Upgrades in Fort Worth

Invest in Energy Savers & Reduce Operating Expenses on Utility Bills

Utility bills average about 20 percent of all operating expenses in commercial office buildings. Renovations that replace older commercial roofing systems with more efficient technology in existing buildings can reduce a business’ energy costs by as much as 30%. Because of these immense savings, many building owners are looking to energy efficient roofing upgrades as an intelligent business investment.

If you have a large commercial building and are looking to reduce energy costs, our team at Bronco Roofing & Construction can discuss the possibility of energy efficient roofing upgrades. Fort Worth is our base, but we serve all of Texas. We are knowledgeable in the latest technologies and can help you learn about the new energy saving roofing options available in your area.

Understand Your Options for Energy Efficiency in Fort Worth

There are a variety of ways you can create a more energy efficient roofing system. These roofs are often referred to as “cool roofs” and can either be designed in the beginning stages of construction of a new roof or created with an existing roofing system.

If you already have a roofing system in place and you simply want to convert it to a more energy efficient roofing system you could potentially use any of the following methods:

Add specialized heat-reflective material to an existing roof.

Replace the old roof with a new “cool roof”.

Add a new waterproofing surface to your roof such as tile coating.

We Install Efficient Types of Roofing

When it comes to energy efficient upgrades for your commercial building, your roof is the best place to begin. Because it is always exposed to the sun’s harsh rays, it will either absorb heat and increase your energy bill or reflect heat and decrease cooling costs. A cool roof is created with materials that are specifically designed to reflect the sunlight and absorb less heat. The reflective material varies depending on the roofing system and can be a type of paint, a sheet covering or extremely reflective tiles or shingles. If you are considering energy efficient roofing upgrades anywhere throughout the state of Texas, we can help you determine the best cool roof option for your commercial building. We have decades of experience and can handle any roofing project, large or small. Our Fort Worth roofers can help you lower your energy costs by keeping your building cooler throughout the hot summer months.

Energy-efficient upgrades can be made to many different roof types including all of the following:

Built Up Roof

Elastomeric Coating


Tile Roof

Wood Roof

Single Ply

Energy Efficient

Metal Roof

Slate Roof

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