Metal Roofing Arlington TX

Metal Roofing Arlington TX

High-Quality Metal Roofing Arlington TX - Bronco Roofing & Construction

2019 is the year for you to consider purchasing a high-quality metal roofing system for your home or business, and Bronco Roofing & Construction, in Arlington, TX, is the best choice. Arlington, TX trusts Bronco Roofing & Construction because our company has been satisfying customers with hands-on sales and installation for over two decades - lasting quality and impeccable service are what our reputation has been built upon.


Arlington, TX homeowners and business owners have trusted Bronco Roofing & Construction since 1990. Bronco Roofing & Construction designs and installs Metal Roofing Systems for agricultural, industrial, commercial, and institutional buildings - and residential too!


At Bronco Roofing & Construction, our friendly, professional residential and commercial roofers can aid you in discovering all the available options for your new residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural or institutional roofing needs. Bronco Roofing & Construction in Arlington TX will work with you to design a state-of-the-art roofing plan that meets your family, or organizational, budget and adds to the overall value of your structure.

Bronco Roofing & Construction knows that investing in a new roof for your home or commercial structure adds real value. It is the most important financial investment that you can make for 2109. We can help you make the right roofing choices without adding unneeded, or confusing, extras. We keep it simple and focus on quality. This is part of the reason that Arlington TX customers count on Bronco Roofing & Construction.


Bronco Metal Roofing Systems - The #1 Choice for 2019

In 2019, customers in Arlington, TX are investing in standing seam metal roofing systems. Not only are they stronger, but they look great and are more energy efficient than traditional metal or shingle roof. You may have noticed that metal roofs are becoming more common as more homeowners and business owners learn of the benefits of standing seam metal roofs. Bronco Roofing & Construction is here to answer all of your roofing questions. Don’t settle for second best. Call Bronco Roofing & Construction today!


We also specialize in roofs for agricultural buildings to protect your animals and equipment. Today’s farmers and ranchers are choosing metal roofing systems for horse arenas, barns and outbuildings because of the durability and strength that metal roofs offer.


A Lifetime Investment

Bronco Roofing & Construction is known for designing and installing the most attractive and durable roofs in Arlington, TX that will last a lifetime with very little maintenance. A high-quality standing seam metal roof has a life expectancy of 60 years according to the Metal Construction Association (MCA). Metal panels are the most resilient material for standing up to the extreme Texas wind and sun.

Metal residential or commercial/industrial roofs provide the energy efficiency you have been looking for...

When you make the move to a Bronco Roof, you are investing in the life of your structure, but you are also making the best choice for energy savings. You will be delighted with the increased energy efficiency of your home or structure. Bronco Roofing & Construction can answer all of your energy questions today.


Questions about Standing Seam Metal Roofing? Contact one of our experts today to find out more.

Metal Roofing Arlington Tx

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Metal Roofing Dallas TX

Bronco Roofing and Construction serves all of Texas. We have been in
business since the early 1990’s and have a distinguished track record.
We have a A+ rating with the BBB.

How do I hire a professional roofing contractor?

Your roof is one of the most vulnerable parts of your building. Its
function is to help keep your building safe.  Exposure to the elements
can quickly weaken it, causing leaks, and other problems. Selecting a
roofing company is like searching for a good mechanic. You need to be
able to trust that they won’t take advantage of you. If you don’t know a lot
about roofing, how are you going to evaluate the quality of work

A warranty on your new roof is important, and it is doubly important
for you to understand exactly what is covered and not covered. You
might have two warranties. One from the roofing company and one for
the materials used on the roof. Does the roofing company handle the
warranty work? Do they sub-contract it out? If you are looking for
metal roofing in Dallas TX look no further than Bronco Commercial

Are there different types of metal roofs?

There are five different types of metal roofs.

·         Copper

·         Zinc

·         Steel

·         Aluminum

·         Tin

Each material has its pros and cons. Copper is soft, has a low melting
point and is very long lasting. Zinc, has the lowest melting point, is
resistant to weathering and rust and lasts an extremely long time.
With steel, there are three types:  galvanized, weathering steel, and
galvalume. Aluminum is resistant to salt water corrosion and is long
lasting. Tin was often used before World War II and is typically no longer
used.  Today a “tin” roof typically refers to galvanized steel.

Choosing the right material for your roof depends on several things.
Where are you building? The climate is a big consideration. If you
live in a coastal region, aluminum roofing would be great because of
its resistance corrosion of the sea air. Steel is most commonly used
on commercial buildings because it is economical.

If you are looking for metal roofing in Dallas TX here are a few tips
before you hire a company:

·         Get several estimates and/or bids.

·         Check to see if the company belongs to organizations that
offer on-going continuing education.

·         Discuss materials with the roofing company and manufacture

about applicable warranties.

·         Check to see if the company has licenses and insurance.

·         Contact the Better Business Bureau in your area and see if
there have been any complaints filed against the company and what
their rating is.

·         Check references of their work in your area.

·         Do they have a permanent address and established business?

·         If your project is large and complicated you might want to
hire a third- party consultant to help with quality control, choosing
a company and making sure the project is completed as contracted.

Choosing the right roofing company will benefit your business for years to come.

Metal Roofing Fort Worth TX

At Bronco Roofing & Construction, we dedicated to providing excellent roofing services. Our services include roof installations, repairs, re-roofing, and energy-efficient upgrades. Our experts can install all kinds of roofs be it metal, PVC, Asphalt Shingles, Restoration Coating, and many more. Our metal roofing in Fort Worth TX are well-detailed carried out with a high level of professionalism.

What Are The Advantages Of Metal Roofs?

Metal roofing offers several benefits. The major advantages that attract many home owners to this type of roofing are:

  • Long-Lasting – when metal roofs are properly installed, they can last for so long. Many metal roofs will last as long as the house they are used on
  • Light Weight – compared to tile and concrete tile, metal roofing is a lightweight solution; this means they don’t really need expensive supporting structures
  • Easy Installation – the installation process of metal roofs is easy and can be completed in time
  • Fire Resistant – metal roofs are noncombustible and most have Class A fire rating; the material beneath the metal roof will also influence the fire rating and untreated wood reduces rating considerably
  • Maximum Shedding of Rain and Snow – well installed metal roofing offers full protection against rain and snow
  • Energy Efficiency – metal roofs reflect radiant heat from the sun and help keep homes cooler
  • Beautiful Styles – metal roofs come in different colors and styles that can match different neighborhoods.

Are Metal Roofs Expensive?

There is a misconception among homeowners that metal roofs are far more expensive than other roofing types. While they are not the most affordable, metal roofs are not the most expensive options. When you consider the fact that they offer incredible longevity and other benefits, the extra cost is often justifiable. On the long run, installing metal roofs will be cost-effective. There are also some corrugated metal panels that are not so expensive: some even cost less than asphalt shingles. 

How Long Will A Metal Roof Last?

Metal roofs can outlast other types of roofs. Depending on the actual metal used, your roof can last between 40 – 70 years at least. A properly installed metal roof can last well over 100 years. It is all about having the right contractors install your roof with the right metal.

Do Metal Roofs Increase Home Value?

Yes, metal roofs can improve home value. The fact that they are durable means potential buyers will not bother about changing roof in the foreseeable future. Metal roofs also improve the insulating capability of a home and some buyers understand this.

Do Metal Roofs Need Gutters?

Strictly speaking, metal roofs do not need gutters as they are resistant to the damages gutters are designed to prevent. However, for the sake of other parts of your property like foundation, siding, and ground surrounding your building, a gutter is necessary.

Choose Us for Your Metal Roofing in Fort Worth TX

In case you want to know more about our metal roofing services, contact us today at Bronco Roofing & Construction. Our services are affordable, detailed, and highly professional. We will execute all task promptly and excellently to achieve professional results. A fantastic experience awaits you.

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